Waxing helps you to remove hair easily and effectively from any part of your body. Most of them are not safe for your face. However, the best facial wax strips are safe enough to apply to the facial skin.

Waxing your face with regular hair removal wax will obviously harm your skin, making it rough, dry, causing irritation and sometimes allergies too. That’s why we suggest choosing a hair removal wax which is specially made for removing facial hairs.

Why should we choose to wax instead of other methods like tweezing, threading, etc? We should choose to wax because face wax strips target hair from the root, and as the hairs are removed from the roots, they take a longer time to grow back.

However, we will always recommend a patch test before applying any kind of hair removal wax on your face. Some facial hair removal wax leaves you with redness, irritation, etc. Don’t get afraid of these facts, these will only happen if you ignore the instructions of use or choose any wrong hair removal wax.

There are many factors which influence the result of the hair removal wax on your skin, we will discuss about all of them below. We will also provide you a buying guide with the solution to the question that ‘Should you use facial wax strips or not?’ and if yes, then which one?

Top 5 Best Facial Wax Strips Review

Tifara Beauty Non Woven Large 3x9 Body and Facial Wax StripsTifara Beauty Non Woven Large 3x9 Body and Facial Wax Strips (250)CHECK ON AMAZON
Tifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll 3 X 100YDTifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll 3" X 100YDCHECK ON AMAZON
GiGi Large Cloth Epilating Strips for Arms, Legs, Chest, and Back Hair WaxingHair RemovalGiGi Large Cloth Epilating Strips for Arms, Legs, Chest, and Back Hair Waxing/Hair Removal, 100 PiecesCHECK ON AMAZON
Huini 160pcs Non-woven Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon SpaHuini 160pcs Non-woven Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon Spa (80pcs*2)CHECK ON AMAZON
FantaSea Non Woven Facial and Body Wax 100 Strips, 50 small 50 largeFantaSea Non Woven Facial and Body Wax 100 Strips, 50 small 50 largeCHECK ON AMAZON

1. Tifara Beauty Facial and Body Wax Strips

Tifara Beauty Non Woven Large 3x9 Body and Facial Wax StripsThe first on our list is the Tifara Beauty Facial Wax Strips, the reason it is the top because of its efficiency and ease of use. It comes in two package options, one is a pack of 250 strips and the other is the pack of 1000 strips.

More strips in a single package mean you won’t have to buy them regularly. The most amazing part about this product is that the strips are large enough to be used 5 times each. They are 3 inches wide and 9 inches long, it can be cut according to your use. One strip can be used an average of 5 times, depending on the usage. Due to its long size, it is considered as one of the best wax strips for legs.

The strips are made of non-woven cloths, hence making it smooth but also strong. The strips are thick enough to be used for at least two pulls. With this soft and strong strip, it becomes easier for both professionals and amateurs to use it. As it is thick you’ll also have to apply more pressure to stick it to the hairs.

However, this product is that it does not come with wax. You’ll have to use it with soft hair removal wax. Otherwise, it is an amazing and efficient hair removal strip.

2. Tifara Beauty Facial Wax Strip Roll

Tifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll 3 X 100YD Tifara is a popular brand for strip rolls, as you can see it also has the 2nd position on our list. This one comes in a roll and is 3 inches wide and 100 yards long, yes that’s long. One roll can last long and always give you the best results if used correctly.

This strip is also made of non-woven cloth, similar to the previous one. You can easily pull it out and use it by cutting it to the size you want to use. It can be used with any kind of soft hair removal wax easily. These are strong and thick enough to pull hard without tearing it.

It can be used on any part of your body but they are specially made to be used for facial hairs. As same as the previous one, this also can be used by professionals and non-professionals too. The manufacturer claims it to be thick but according to some customer reviews, it ain’t that much thick as the manufacturer says.

The thickness won’t cause you any problem. The downside of this product is visible in the customer reviews. Many customers claim that the wax gets to the other side of the strip when pressed against the skin. Just like the previous Tifara product, this too does not come with any wax, you’ll have to use soft wax to utilize it.

3. GiGi Facial Wax Strips – The Most Gentle on the list of Best Facial Wax Strips

GiGi Large Cloth Epilating Strips for Arms, Legs, Chest, and Back Hair WaxingHair RemovalStrips are easily cut so you may adjust them. They are also perfect for areas like the arms, arms, torso and the back.

These cloth strips can be used with great results by both home users and professionals. They adhere to the wax quickly, and they’ll eliminate all the hair once you pull on the strip. You’ll need to fix them to match spots, although the strips are acceptable for every part of the body.

Gigi wax strips are gentler on the skin than other wax strips. This is going to be helpful for those who have sensitive skin. They do not let the wax flow through them, and they adhere to your skin. However, the cloth can become unraveled when it cut, so be sure that you correct the strips’ dimensions a while before you wax.

4. Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips

Huini 160pcs Non-woven Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon SpaThe body and facial wax strips are made out of a high-quality non-woven fabric that will help you in the waxing process. The wax strip is convenient and sanitary, and it can be used by both professionals at home users or spas. This package includes 160 wax strips you can apply anywhere on the body.

The wax strips are user friendly. You have to use the cloth fabric to the area you wish to remove the hair from once you spread the wax. Ensure you press the cloth firmly against the skin. The wax sticks nicely on the strips, and you’ll eliminate the hair along with the wax when you remove the strips. Tear beginning at the base of the strip, and then dispose of after usage of these strips.

These are strips that are high-quality, plus they won’t enable the wax to bleed. They stick to your skin, and will not leave any patches. Also, remember that although most people would consider having big wax strips a drawback, some don’t like to spend additional time cutting them down to the exact size they want.

5. FantaSea Facial and Body Wax Strips

FantaSea Non Woven Facial and Body Wax 100 Strips, 50 small 50 largeThe 100 wax strips made by FantaSea come in two sizes. 50 of them are large, so you can use them to remove the hair on your arms or thighs, and another 50 are little, so that you may use them in your face without cutting them into another shape. The large strips are 3″ wide and just under 9″ long, and the small ones are just over 1″ wide and 5″ long.

The strips are created out of non-woven cloth, and they are simple to use. The non-woven cloths are strong and also smooth, making it more comfortable for your usage. They stick to the wax with ease, and all you’ve got to do is make sure you cover all the surfaces that you remove the hair out of wax as well as strips.

One of the most important things that you should think about while buying this product is these wax strips are thicker than other versions, so they may take more time to adhere to the wax. This May Not be a problem for some individuals, but it could be for other people.

Here our list of best facial wax strips in 2020, ends. But we haven’t finished it yet, down below we got some guides on “Should You Wax Your Face?”, “Facial Wax Strip Buying Guide” and much more.

Is It Good To Wax Your Face?

There are several procedures to get rid of your facial hair some of which can be laser treatments, shaving, bleaching, threading, and waxing. The question is if you want to wax your face over the other alternatives? Is it really a good idea to wax your face? Here are some arguments on this particular topic to consider.

Pros of Facial Waxing

  • Waxing removes hair from the roots. You get skin soft to the touch and smooth around. This is important on the face because no girl wants to get a rough lip or chin.
  • As waxing uproots hairs, it requires a longer period for them to grow back. This means you will have to wax your chin, cheeks, eyebrows or your upper lip every two to three weeks instead of every other day.
  • Waxing is rather a precise depilatory approach. For example, if you bleach, you might end up getting different gradients of gold stains on your face. Shaving does not eliminate all hair equally. However, there are not any surprises with waxing.
  • Waxing your facial hair may decrease it over time. As for waxing damages hair follicles, even should you wax frequently some hair may never come back. You can consider waxing as a permanent hair removal procedure in the long term. It is true for your eyebrows.
  • Waxing is a budget-friendly method while bleaching and laser treatments are rather pricey.

Cons of Facial Waxing

  • Waxing your face could be quite a painful experience as your skin is more sensitive in those regions. But, so are laser and threading treatments.
  • You will get rashes in your face after waxing because of skin irritation. Remember that the redness is temporary and it’ll fade out in the following day or a few hours.
  • In case you don’t wax your face correctly, you may wind up becoming ingrown hairs which may turn into stalks full of puss. Therefore, it is very important to wax your face properly and to utilize effective ingrown hair serums, lotions, and creams regularly.
  • It is not a fantastic idea to walk under sunlight on the day you have waxed since the sun may give your sensitive skin sunspots.
  • Though facial waxing has its own drawbacks, you can take precautions from all of them. In other words, these pitfalls will affect you depends on how they are dealt with by you. If you believe that can be accountable enough, there is no reason for you to not wax your face.

How To Find The Best Facial Wax Strips?

As you can see from our brief facial wax strips reviews, not all strips are identical. There are differences between those who make some of them better. In the subsequent section, we present some of the characteristics you should be searching for if you would like to find the very best wax strip.

Type of Wax

There’s more than one kind of facial strips. A number of them utilize cold wax, while some are just suited for the hot wax application. The only similarity between them is that they’re both used to remove hair. As you can see in the following section, each has its advantages.

Cold Wax: Cold wax is pre-applied about the waxing strips prior to buying them. To use cold wax strips, you merely have to take them from their protective cap, apply them on your own face, press in the direction of the hair’s growth, and pull fast from the opposite way.

One of the largest advantages of utilizing cold strips was is that they’re less messy than the hot wax kinds. In fact, waxing using cold wax strips is very clean, and you only have to throw off the strips’ protective cover.

One of the major disadvantages cold wax strips have is that they’re not too efficient. The cold wax does not tighten onto the hairs, so you may have to apply the strips several times within one area to eliminate all of the hair. Another disadvantage is that the thin residue that is left on the skin. Cold wax strips work with peach fuzz, but they are not too effective in regards to removing rough hair.

Hot Wax: Eliminating your hair using warm wax demands melted wax. The melted wax is used within the hairy area whenever it’s still warm, and also you have to spread it thinly and evenly across the surface. You must then employ a waxing strip in addition to it. When the melted wax cools, it grips every hair strand at a tight lock. One of the benefits of using wax is your skin pores exposed to the warmth, so the wax grips the hair strands nearer to the roots. If you pull out the waxing strips, the wax takes all the hair strands together with it.

As a result of the hot wax’s tighter grasp on the hair strands, this process is significantly more effective and it may be used with great results for both long and short hair. Hot wax also works great on hair that is rough and both peach fuzz. Most of the time, you won’t have to apply straps in the exact same place to remove all the hair.

Among the downsides of using wax is that the whole process can be a little messy. You will have to devote time cleaning after yourself. Another drawback is that you will need a bit of experience or training to remove the hair by yourself.

Width of the Wax Strips

The width of the wax strips will influence how simple they can be used by you. Some wax strips can be narrow so you are going to be able to use them directly though some can be really wide, so you’ll need to cut them down to the right size.

If it comes to width wax strips are better suited for your face. More cold wax manufacturers design their products with facial uses in mind than hot wax manufacturers, so you will have the ability to find more brands that create narrow strips.

However, you should not consider the width of a strip as a drawback. You can consider it an edge, as you are able to cut one strip and correct it. This is really a great way to save money when you are buying facial wax strips.

Length of the Wax Strips

The period of the wax strips may vary. Some manufacturers produce strips which are just 3 or 3 inches long, while others create large strips that could be 9 inches long, or even 100 yards long.

As it had been the case with the width of these strips, their span may influence the way you can utilize them. Short strips are easier to apply in your face, and you also won’t have to waste time cutting them down. Cold wax facial strips will probably most often not to be shorter than hot wax strips.

The strip’s period is not necessarily a disadvantage, as a bunch of big strips will most likely last for a longer period than a pack of brief ones. Some manufacturers offer good deals if you would like to purchase more wax strips, therefore one of the best prices currently available on the market is for your roster of wax strips.

Benefits of Using Wax Strips

There can be no doubt that wax strips are easier to work with than hot wax kinds. To use a cold wax strip, then you only need to be certain you cut it down into the necessary length and width, remove its protective cap, apply it on the hairy surface, then pull against the direction of the hair growth. If it comes to how to wax your face, it can’t be simpler.

Hot wax strips are difficult to use. To start with, you can not rely on them on their very own, you need to purchase hot wax as well. Once you purchase a wax, you’ll need to heat it up until it melts. Then, you need to pick this up and spread it evenly and thinly onto the surface that is hairy. You will have to take the hot wax strips and apply them to the wax before it cools. Depending on the strips’ thickness, you may need to apply some pressure to ensure that the wax sticks to the strips. After the wax melts, you have to pull sharply from the direction of the hair’s growth.


If it comes to efficiency, there can be only one winner, which is the wax. Hot wax is messier, more difficult to use, but it is definitely more efficient compared to the wax.

The hot wax will remove most hairs from a single pull. And it gets even better. Some wax strips are resistant, which means you can reuse them for multiple draws, whether on precisely the place or onto another one. After you eliminate the hair using hot wax, the skin will stay smooth for a very long time. Some people must eliminate the hair afterward as long as 6 weeks.

Even though it’s not as efficient as the hot wax, cold wax can be used with good results. You may need to place more than one strip of wax on the same hairy surface to make sure all your hair is gone, but you can eliminate it all. If your hair is rough, you might have to apply cold wax strips times before you eliminate it, and that may result in a little irritation of the skin. To stop and counter inflammation, you may use a soothing lotion on that surface after the waxing.


The expense of this hair removal process can be quite different depending on what you use. At first, glance, epilating with wax seems much cheaper than using wax, but looks can be deceitful. Here’s the reason why. Cold wax strips aren’t necessarily less costly than hot wax ones, but you do not need to spend money on wax.

Although cold wax strips tend to be cheaper, you may need more to take out the hair in a single area of the skin. If you are using the wax strips, you can apply them and remove hair. Hot wax strips may be cut down in size, and a single package can last for a lengthy time. A jar of wax continues for quite a while if you understand how to utilize it.

Can Facial Waxing Damage Your Skin?

Considering that facial skin is quite delicate and sensitive, you may believe waxing is a demanding method to use in your face. Well, you may really wind up damaging your face through waxing. Here are some possible outcomes of waxing.

  • Redness and irritation, blotchy skin. It’s possible to avoid this outcome by using a moisturizer after waxing.
  • Ingrown hairs. Massaging your skin frequently can prevent them. It happens when small areas of the skin layer of your skin are removed along with the hair. You can avoid bleeding by yanking out the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • They mainly occur because you keep on dipping the same rod into the wax and then spread bacteria all over your face. Do not ever use the rod you have used in your body in your face. Throw away used sticks after each session and use a brand-new stick on another time.

Can Facial Waxing Cause Wrinkles?

We wish to get rid to enjoy skin that is smoother. However, what if the method we use for eliminating our facial hair causes wrinkles? Can you prefer a head that is hair-free to a one? We don’t think so. It is important to clear out when waxing your face will give you wrinkles.

Collagen is one of the more important components of the epidermis and whatever which causes its disturbance may cause cavities. Think for a paste that holds skin together of collagen. Thus, when you eliminate hydration, your skin won’t be as firm as it used to be.

Our skin loses collagen with time. This is an inevitable, natural procedure. While genetics is important in the speed of this procedure, personal behavior and environmental factors also play a role. Environmental factors include exposure to the sun. On the flip side, behavioral factors include smoking, drinking, nutrition, etc..

How about waxing, though? Doesn’t pour hot wax on the delicate skin of your face and yanking off it disrupts the collagen on your skin? For instance, if you wax your upper lip, will you get wrinkles on your lip? The answer is no. Any rough movements like even pulling on it or scratching in skin won’t provide you any wrinkles. These actions may lead to skin irritation and such but no bulges.

Simply speaking, you may rest assured that facial waxing and wrinkles correlated.

What Are the Side Effects of Face Waxing?


Unfortunately, pain is an inevitable part of waxing. Since the skin on your face is more sensitive when compared to your arms or legs, facial waxing is expected to hurt a little more. However, it hurts depends upon your expertise in waxing and your pain tolerance. Some folks could find waxing whether it hurts their faces extremely painful while some might not even notice. In case you have pain tolerance, you can always consider taking a pain killer before waxing.

Redness and Irritation

You will notice some reddish blotches after you wax and there can be some irritation. Redness and irritation are observed post-waxing. The good thing is they are temporary and therefore are bound to vanish until the next day that. In this period of time, avoid using alcohol-based toners which will further irritate your skin and keep your skin moist.


Migraines are a new story although redness is 1 thing. They might be the result of a reaction of your skin and they last to fade away. If you notice that the rashes come back every time you wax your face and then spread instead of disappearing, immediately change the wax you’re using.

Prickly Skin

Your skin might feel prickly once you wax and you may observe some little bumps on the waxed area. All these are bound to go away in a few hours on their own. To accelerate the procedure you can put some soothing lotion.

Ingrown Hairs

You might get ingrown hairs from waxing, also. Ingrown hairs on your face are especially disturbing because your appearance is highly affected by them. Ingrown hairs occur as a consequence of waxing once the hair shaft is broken by you under your skin instead of pulling it out completely. In order to avoid this, you should pull the wax in the direction of your hair growth.


It is feasible to come up with an allergic reaction to the components of the wax of your choice. In order to avoid any allergic reactions on your face, check the wax you have purchased on a small area in your hands first.


Sometimes, bleeding can be a result of waxing. It occurs when the skin layer of the skin is interrupted and is normal. People with sensitive skin are more likely to bleed while waxing. To avoid this unpleasant consequence, prefer a gentle facial wax strip for sensitive skin.


Once you bleed as a result of waxing, if you don’t deal with the area you might wind up having a disease. Waxing a wounded area or sunburnt area may lead to a skin infection. If you see any swelling on the waxed area of the face, consult a physician immediately.


Never expose your skin to sunlight on the day you wax. Waxing leaves your skin over sensitive and heading out into the sun for this sensitive skin may cause your skin to burn off and leave you. In case expose your face into the sunlight and you have to go out, make sure that you put on a thick coating of sunscreen onto the recently waxed area.


We hope that our best facial wax strips reviews helped you to find the ideal wax strip for you. If you liked what you read then don’t hesitate to give it a share. For any further questions, comment below.

Q: What are the best wax strips for face?

A: All top-rated facial wax strip brands including GiGi, Tifara, FantaSea, etc are one of the best wax strips.

Q: Is it good to wax your face?

A: There are different procedures to wax your face, if you do it with the right one then yes it is good. Choosing the wrong way can damage your skin.

Q: Is waxing better than shaving?

A: Waxing is more effective than saving as it removes hairs from the root. It does not leave you with rough skin or bumps like shaving does. However, waxing is quite painful than shaving.

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