Razors help us to keep ourselves clean and ready for any outfit we want to wear. No one will like to wear a sleeveless dress or a bikini without shaving their hairs.

The best bikini razor will always be there with you to help you in these kinds of situations where you’ll have to shave your bikini line on the go.

No one will think too much before buying a simple razor which is used to shave any hair of our body. But when it comes to shaving your bikini line or other sensitive parts of our body like the underarms, we think twice before using a razor.

If the razor you use has blades that are not sharp enough, then the hairs will be stuck into the gaps between the blades and can cause pain. If your razor’s blades accumulate rust after some use, then it can cause some serious cuts and infections on the skin of your private areas.

These are the problems that will be caused if you use “any” razor to shave your bikini line or other sensitive areas. But if you use the razors that are specially meant to be used for your sensitive skin, then there won’t be any problem you’ll face.

So, which one will you choose? What are you looking for? Let us help you out with these questions. Down below we have a list of the best bikini razor, the most reliable in the market and also one of the safest and effective razors. Keep Scrolling!

Best Bikini Razor of 2020 Reviews

Best Gillette Venus Razor For Bikini AreaGillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor Handle + 4 Blade RefillsCheck on Amazon
One of the Best Women’s Electric Razor And Trimmer For Coarse HairSchick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer,1 CountCheck on Amazon
Best Razor For Women's Private AreaSolimo 5 Blade Razor for Women, Handle, 12 Cartridges & Shower Hanger (Cartridges fit Solimo Razor Handles only)Check on Amazon
Gillette Venus Tropical Women's Disposable RazorGillette Venus Tropical Women's Disposable Razor, 3 CountCheck on Amazon
Schick Hydro Silk RazorSchick Hydro Silk Sensitive Skin Razor for Women with 2 Moisturizing Razor Blade Refills, 2 CountCheck on Amazon
Gillette Venus Comfort Glide WhiteTea Women’s RazorVenus ComfortGlide White Tea Women's Razor 1 Handle + 4 Blade RefillsCheck on Amazon
Gillette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable RazorsGillette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable Razors - 6 PackCheck on Amazon

1. Gillette Venus Platinum – Best Gillette Venus Razor For Bikini Area

Best Gillette Venus Razor For Bikini AreaWhether shaving is not part of your regular or not, you still need a razor for SOS times, you want it on the go. There’s always that transitioning phase where you can’t use anything but shaving, not even epiliating.

Humidity, pools, boating, overheated cars during warm temperatures and spring up hot-cold days, all lead to wear a bikini.  You want a razor or you will get stuck on an unexpectedly hot afternoon in the midst of spring with a trousers day. Let’s talk about Venus Gillette Platinum.

Finally, Venus Gillette made something more elegant and classy, although shaving is assumed to be fun. The style has changed over the years and we feel at the times of rose yellow and gold, chrome gold elements with marble everything, there is a demand for a few luxury looking razor which screams style.

Whether you’re wearing cotton leggings or synthetic you will never want anything to poke through it. Therefore you have to rely on quite an efficient razor so that you don’t need to have a time-consuming look of my legs.

You’ll notice that 5 razor blades tend to perform their job. If time management is really a large concern of yours 5 razor blade is much significantly more effective and more trustworthy.

Metal elements on the handle added style but also a sense of certainty and control into the movement. You’ll notice the additional weight of this razor will feel unusual at first but will help you to have a  simpler and balanced throughout shaving.

2. Schick Hydro Silk – One of the Best Women’s Electric Razor And Trimmer For Coarse Hair

One of the Best Women’s Electric Razor And Trimmer For Coarse HairSchick Hydro Silk is a two in one electric shaver, it has a razor and a trimmer too. The name might be hard to pronounce but it makes the shaving easier for you. With its amazing blades, you can shave your bikini line, underarms or any hair on your body or you can choose to just trim them with the trimmer on the opposite end of the shaver.

Let’s talk about the features it has. The first thing I’m going to let you know that it is an electric shaver as it got a trimmer, so it has to be electric. And as it is electric, it must be waterproof and yes it is waterproof. Now, you got one trimmer that you can use under the shower along with the razor.

The trimmer has an adjustable comb that will help you to trim your hair without hurting your skin and adjust the size of the hair. It helps to maintain a perfect bikini line while keeping your sensitive skin safe. We talked about the trimmer, now let’s talk about the razor.

On the other end, we have a Hydro Silk razor, the reason why we call it Hydro Silk is because it has the hydrating dots over and below the blades. Along with 5 curve sensing blades, it cuts every single hair possible from as close as possible to the skin. The hydrating dots not only keeps your skin smooth while shaving but also keeps your skin moisturized for 2 hours after shaving with it.

3. Solimo 5 Blade Razor – One of the Best Razor For Women’s Private Area

Best Razor For Women's Private AreaAre you looking for a razor that will be gentle on your private area without being less effective? This is it! With its gentle lubricating strips, it will help you to keep your private area clean, soft and moisturized. Along with this feature, it has many more benefits, let’s talk about them.

With this razor, you can shave with confidence. The lubricating strips on and below the blades are composed of Vitamin E which will help you to keep your skin less irritative while shaving alongside keeping it moisturized after shaving.

These are tested on sensitive skin too and are seen to be very effective and safe. Not only this much, these lubricating strips may look tiny but does a handful of jobs together. These strips release botanical oils when it comes in contact with water which helps it to glide smoothly over your skin while shaving. These features make it one of the best razors for bikini areas and sensitive skin.

5 blades all together make sure to shave out each and every single hair that comes in its range. These blades are double coated to make sure you don’t face any problem with them even after several uses.

Most interestingly, Solimo’s official seller on Amazon.com claims to refund you if you face any kind of problem within a year of purchase. So, no worries, give it a try if you don’t feel satisfied then you can refund it easily.

4. Gillette Venus Tropical Women’s Disposable Razor

Gillette Venus Tropical Women's Disposable RazorAnother Gillette Venus’s products on our list of the best bikini razor. Unlike electric shavers, this one is disposable.

This one is not as premium as the previous one, this is a disposable one. The brand claims Venus razors are made keeping the women’s curves in mind, as this one is made.

The Venus Tropical Razor glides over the skin no matter what curve it faces it won’t cut your skin if you are not hard on it.

Most of us tend to search for a razor which makes shaving more enjoyable and smooth. Well, every razor in this list does that but this one does it very perfectly. Thanks to the 3 blade technology and the moisturizing strips, these both together makes your shaving smoother and efficient just like a shaving serum does.

The moisturizing strips keep your skin moisturized even after the shave and also helps as a lubricant while it comes in contact with water. It works more amazingly with the Olay shaving gel that it suggests to use with it.

This one is a disposable razor which means you can’t refill it, you’ll have to throw it away once it has reached its max usage limit and grab a new one. And the low price tag lets you do it without hurting your budget.

You can choose this one if you need a razor for once or if you want to take a razor on your trip but don’t want to lose your favorite razor that you already have. Let’s move on to the next one.

5. Schick Hydro Silk Razo

Schick Hydro Silk RazorAnother Schick product on our list unlike the previous one this one is a simple razor. The Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor is dermatologist tested and features serum coated strips above and below the razor blades.

This moisturizing strips that are hypoallergenic and clinically proven to offer long-lasting hydration for up to two hours and help protect your skin against irritation. Its 5 curve-sensing blades give you closeness when following the natural shape of the body.

The Schick Hydro Silk cartridge is the ideal size for getting hard-to-reach areas, and every blade includes skin guards that are unique to help prevent aggravation and to smooth skin. The Schick Hydro Silk Razor delivers a rubberized handle using grooved grips for you and is intended to maintain the cartridge when kept flat in the shower.

After shaving, helping to keep legs smooth water-activated hydro-boost serum formulated with shea butter helps moisturize for up to two hours. Dermatologist tested & clinically demonstrated to offer lasting hydration. Most importantly, the users are happy with this product, you can see their positive reviews on Amazon, it works great.

6. Gillette Venus Comfort Glide WhiteTea Women’s Razor

Gillette Venus Comfort Glide WhiteTea Women’s RazorThis Venus razor is designed by keeping the curves of a female’s body in mind. From handles designed for a comfortable grip to heads that contour to curves, this Venus razor is all designed to help show smooth skin with confidence and without harming your smooth and sensitive skin.

Venus Comfort Glide’s pivoting round head shapes for a smooth gliding shave over your body. While still ensuring control and safety, the Soft-Grip Gel Handle is designed to accommodate the shaving styles of women’s unique body.

Thanks to this Moisture Bars, which provide a lather that is light, there’s no need to use some other shave preparation. Were you aware that any Venus blade refill matches any Venus handle? Find your perfect shaving match, without buying a new Venus razor.

Venus Comfort Glide White Tea contains three blades for a smooth shave that provides you excellent results. Lather and shave with Venus Comfort Glide White Tea. The Moisture wedges provide a lather for incredible glide and comfortable shave when moist.

Venus Comfort Glide White Tea shavers have gel pubs that are designed to flex with the curves of your body. These features clearly indicate that this one is made for sensitive skin for a smoother shaving experience and moisturized skin.

7. Gillette Venus Sensitive Women’s Disposable Razors

Gillette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable RazorsAnother Venus product on the list, yes Gillette is amazing. This brand has everything you will ever need for shaving. Just like any other Venus razors, this one is also made for an effective, clean and safe shaving experience.

The lubricant strips help to glide over the skin while shaving and keeps the skin moisturized. The other features are as same as other Venus Razors we mentioned previously on the list. As this one is a disposable one so it has a low price tag compared to the refillable one.

How To Shave Without Getting Ingrown Hairs

1. Buy A Good Bikini Razo

Picking the right razor is the initial step to ensuring that your bikini line is smooth and bump-free. “If you can find more blades, it calms more pressure, permitting every blade to cut with less pressure but more impact,” says Dendy Engelman, MD, of Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in NYC.

Without having irritation or a cut, you’ll find a better, closer shave. Deciding upon a firm razor with calming strips will make a huge impact. While throwaways are fantastic for use while traveling and can find the job done, they’re labeled “disposable” for a reason. They are not supposed to be utilized for a month.

2. Prepare To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Before shaving your bikini area, spend about 10 minutes in warm water. This helps soften the outer layer of your skin, which makes it easier to remove hair and reduces your odds of getting razor burn. Following the 10 minutes is up, pat the skin dry to remove any excess water.

As soon as your bikini line has been dried and cleaned, Engelman proposes lightly exfoliating with a wash or a washcloth to remove dead skin cells, allowing the blade to get closer to the skin. It teases out any obstinate ingrown hairs.

Or use hair removal creams to remove hairs. That can be helpful to if you are not allergic to them. Check out one of the best hair removal creams here.

3. Must Use Shaving Cream

You may think this shaving accessory is just a feel- and smell-good component to the process, but it’s way more than that. When you shave, you are shaving your skin, too. You abrade your skin, leaving it irritated if you do not utilize the cream to make a slip.

And similarly to this quality bikini shaver, you are supposed to buy, don’t simply reach for a random, cheap shaving lotion. Utilize a good-quality shaving gel using a listing of moisturizing ingredients, like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil–these types of foundations provide a proper buffer for your razor.

Apply a very thin coating simply to the region that has to be shaved so that you may see the epidermis and hair shaft underneath. This is a lot safer, so there’s no need to move the blade back and forth on the epidermis.

4. Focus On Your Shaving

People have a lot of opinions about whether you should shave up or down on your bikini line, and the direction you shave does issue. Going in a lot of different directions with your razor creates ingrown hairs that are following and cuts more likely.

Shave in one direction with all the hair growth. Going against the grain of your hair makes irritation. While gliding your razor lightly along the bikini line, keep the blade downward without adding too much pressure.

One pass ought to be fine, especially if you’re using a razor which includes many blades. The more blades utilized, the fewer times you should feel the necessity to re-shave within this sensitive location.

5. Let Your Skin Relax After Shaving

Wash off as soon as you put your razor down, and hold a cold compress to the area for 10 minutes to prevent aggravation. Use an anti-redness serum (preferably fragrance-free) to further decrease your chances of undergoing razor burn.

We recommend tea tree oil, both a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, which can help calm razor burn. If you’ve caused some annoyance, more intense lotions, such as topical steroids, may be prescribed to decrease redness, swelling, and pain.

6. Moisturize Your Skin

It’s important to always hydrate and moisturize after shaving. “Employ an unscented, alcohol-free glue to both sides of the bikini to lock in the moisture and prevent over-drying, which leads to further irritation. Bischoff suggests looking for products containing soothing aloe vera, as well as coconut oil and vitamin E for hydration.

7. Clean The Razor After Every Use

After every shave, then be sure to sanitize your blades with rubbing alcohol and warm or hot water. If your razor appears rusty and you have already been using it for some while, toss it out. “Replace old blades once you have used for more than five to seven shaves.

You may also reduce your losses (and avoid those red bumps) by keeping blades at a clean, dry area so they don’t pick up germs sitting around in the shower.

Things To Consider While Buying A Bikini Razor

Your hair may be removed using any of the bikini razors or shavers. You will understand a lot of choices on the marketplace, from pop up razor into a bikini shaver, you’ll need to choose depending on your requirement and necessity, and how close to the skin will you shave. Let us take a look at the points that you will need to consider before Purchasing the best bikini razor

1. Gentle

This is only one of the most crucial considerations. The bikini razor ought to be gentle in your skin and should not leave any razor bumps. The skin shouldn’t be impacted, and if at all possible, there ought to be skin moisturizer or protection that comes along with the razor to make it a smooth experience for your skin.

2. Easy Cleaning

A bikini razor should not be tedious to use. Folks use razors because they are sometimes used faster, simple to use, and involve not much ado. That is a Unique Selling point of a bikini razor. So always check whether a razor is readily used or includes some complicated method that may not be acceptable for you.

3. Compact

A bikini razor along with its own refills should be compact, and little. It should be simple to use it also to take it whenever you’re traveling. You need not trim your body just when you’re at home, you might require a trim anyplace, and the bikini razor ought to be ready for the same purpose.

4. Hypoallergenic

A bikini shaver must be hypoallergenic. Some people are allergic to razors, and using them contributes to razor bumps and rashes because of the sensitive skin on your buttocks area. Individuals who have sensitive skin should avoid this at all costs. Choose a razor that has hypoallergenic properties and sticks assured there will not be any harm on your skin.

5. Pubic-Friendly

The razor needs to be pubic-friendly. There’s no way to utilize a typical blade in your pubic area. You have to buy a razor that is gentle and extra equipped for your pubic area as that area is very sensitive and highly responsive. Ensure that you check this before purchasing.

6. Price

Though the razors can vary from plenty of expenses, try not to let cost influence you too much. Cost should be a significant consideration but not in the cost of quality. Make sure that you’re receiving the value of what you cover. Lower cost can mean a lousy excellent razor(not always) so check for features and just then decide which version to buy.

7. Blade Size

The blade size utilized to trim your body is not the same because you need to your pubic hair loss. The razor should most surely offer you multiple blade sizes and effortless change settings so the blade can be used to close shave, if and when it is required.

8. Blade Quality

The standard of the blade should be topmost and efficient. You don’t wish to select a module that has poor quality. You’ll have a body full of razor bumps and rashes all over. It is going to become a nightmare. You require blades that are eloquent in functioning.

Different Methods Of Removing Body Hair

Being a woman is not easy, and eliminating the body making it harder. Eliminating body hair can be tricky. There are many ways. You have to pick which one would fit the best on your own.

You need to know the ways by which hair can be removed from different parts of the body to pick one of the better methods. Let us Have a Look at some of the popular methods of getting rid of body hair so you can choose the best bikini trimmer if you end up a way that need it.

1. Hair Removal Creams

There are numerable lotions that are accessible using which you can eliminate body hair. Some creams do a job of creating the skin better and getting rid of the hair. They are at a risk of experiencing a whole lot of chemicals in them which can respond in your skin or make it dry by absorbing moisture.

  • Removing the body hair using a hair removal lotion is really a painless and effortless process. It does not involve any hassle and the results last longer than when you brush your hair.
  • The depilatory creams can also be termed as depilatories. These have a compound that divides the hair structure of the skin. These chemicals can lead to irritation, allergies, or reactions. They can also lead to itching or drying of the skin. Particularly dangerous for places that are sensitive.

2. Waxing

Waxing is the technique to eliminate the hair from all areas of the human body using wax. A batch of wax is applied on a patch and then eliminated using paper or fabric. Waxing ensures that the hair is removed from the root, and consequently, the results remain for an extended period. Waxing can be painful. It may be used on any part of the body, including hair and hair.

  • Waxing keeps your body peeled for no less than two weeks, which is possibly the most protracted temporary remedy. The hair isn’t as sharp as in case of shaving and overtime the re-growth is slowed down, which is a good thing. Waxing leaves skin feeling silky and soft around.
  • It is painful, and you’ll need to endure it during the process. It causes pain since the hair is uprooted in the roots. You can’t get your body waxed until the hair has grown back.

3. Electrolysis

This provides for permanent removal of hair. There is A needle employed in Electrolysis to maneuver a shot of power throughout the hair follicle to uproot it. These are great for all skin and hair types and may also take only a couple of sessions to take out the hair permanently. The procedure isn’t recommended for regions that were larger as it is slow.

  • Electrolysis will give you a permanent solution for body hair issues. It has to be carried out by a professional. It is expensive as compared to laser and needs a fewer number of follow up visits. This is beneficial for face, neck, and recurring little areas like underarms.
  • The procedure is excruciating, depending upon your pain threshold as it uses a needle and electric current to work on hair. Also, it targets one hair at a time, making it a great deal slower than laser therapy. It cannot be used in a larger area because of the time that it takes.

4. Laser Hair Removal

Much like in electrolysis, the present is utilized. In the laser treatment, light is used to reduce the hair follicles. Laser hair loss is made for a few sessions. Hair removal is generally permanent. The re-growth after the first session isn’t edgy and also starts slowing down after every session.

  • Hair removal is performed pretty quickly without any pain. The solution is also permanent. Since it’s quick, it can be used on surface areas of the skin. It is a sought out method for people who need a permanent solution without annoyance.
  • This treatment is expensive as compared to other hair removal treatments. Laser only works on the hair that’s the inactive stage. Though the hair follicle is worked on by other methods, this procedure has a difference of a couple of months so the hair has grown out and can now be treated.

5. Shaving

Shaving is the most commonly sought out procedure for hair removal from the body. It does not remove the hair from the roots but cuts the skin and hair apart. There are trimmers and shavers used to remove the hair depending upon whether you want an electric razor or a one. The re-growth can be a bit coarse.

  • The method is painless as long as you pay attention and don’t cause razor bumps during your shave or trim. The utilization of shaving foam or cream and using blades can help reduce razor burns. This method is cheapest and also one of the ways to get a body.
  • The hair tends to grow back earlier as it is not eliminated from the main level. , the increase of hair can be coarse and doesn’t feel smooth. The skin may not feel as easy as in additional hair removal forms if done with a shaver.

6. Epilate

Epilation is a method to remove the hair using a battery-operated epilator. Hair growth is sparse, and the hair is removed by it from its origin and not coarse as in the instance of shaving. You’ll have to place the epilator on the hair and proceed to obliterate the hair.

  • The hair is removed for months at a stretch, and also the re-growth is not bothering as it is less and not firm. Epilation also leaves skin smooth after it’s used as the hair is removed from its origin and there Is Not Any existence of the same on skin.
  • The hair is rooted in its follicle, making this rather a painful procedure. The pain is on the side, and therefore hair removal for hair and extended removal at home, women don’t prefer this kind of a pain in the practice of eliminating body hair. It is only suitable for large surface areas.


Q: What is the best shaver for pubic area?

A: Gillette Venus Premium is the best razor or shaver for your pubic area. This is been considered by our professionals and most of the other professional websites.

Q: Is it OK to shave pubic hair with a razor?

A: Yes, it is okay to do so. But you should always shave your pubic hair very carefully by following the right steps in order to prevent ingrown hairs or other problems.

Q: How often should you shave your bikini line?

A: It depends on how fast your hair grows and how often do you prefer to have a clean bikini line. According to our recommendation, you can shave your pubic area every 2 – 3 days.

Q: Should you shave up or down?

A: Always shave in the direction your hair grows, if you go against the direction the hair grows then you may start seeing different skin problems including ingrown hairs.

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