An engaging novel about the nature of family and the meaning of love. The Author of Winter Cottage and Spring House presents the third book in the Alexandria series


After a childhood filled with conflict and loss, Addie Morgan is determined to live a very different kind of life, she deserves stability and happiness, doesn’t she? Addie finds just what she’s looking for when she gets a job at a vineyard in the country. And maybe she’s found more than peace and contentment with the vineyard owner, Scott.

But Addie’s ties to the past intrude when she gets a call telling her that her sister has just given birth and she is wanted at home to help the family she tried so hard to forget. Now, as she returns home, she faces an impossible choice – should she abandon the picture-perfect future she planned or to return to the past.

“Taylor serves up a great mix of vivid setting, history, drama and everyday life” – The Herald Sun

“A charming and engaging story about the nature of family and the meaning of love” – Seattle PI.com
“You will not be able to put this book down until you’ve turned the very last page” – Fresh Fiction


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